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2017 NYB Youth Camp Announcement


The NYB Youth Archery Camp program is provided at no cost to any boy or girl in New York State between the ages of 11 through 15. To date, NYB has hosted more than 1800 young people in an effort to secure the future of bowhunting in New York. Camps may span two or three days depending on Region. Some offer an option to sleepover, others require daily drop off and pick up. All food, lodging (where applicable), equipment and related materials are provided by NYB. Experience is not necessary and equipment will be provided to campers who do not already have their own gear. Campers who do have their own archery gear are encouraged to bring it to camp with them. In those camps that do provide a sleepover, both male and female chaperones are present throughout the weekend however we encourage any parents who would like to attend camp to do so. (Campers in these camps need to provide their own sleeping bags, pillows, towels and personal effects)


NYS certified Bow Safety Instructors are present and as part of the curriculum, the bow safety course is given during the camper’s stay.  On the last day of camp, campers typically take their NYS bowhunter certification course, which will allow them to purchase their NYS bowhunting license when they reach 12 years of age


In addition to covering the mandatory training necessary for the NYS bowhunter certificate, all camps include extensive field lessons covering tree stand use and safety, blood trailing/tracking.

Other activities will be covered as well, depending on time available. Although these activities may vary slightly amongst the five Regions, youths can expect some of the following:

  • Archery lessons, including practice and shooting games.
  • Arrow and (or) bow building
  • Turkey hunting seminar
  • Using scents and lures
  • Compass and map reading



Since camp is for both girls and boys, we sometimes experience some friendly competition amongst the sexes. We typically have several girls who attend each camp and they often turn out to be the best shots and game trackers in camp. We have also had campers who were not interested in bowhunting at all but just wanted to learn about archery. Whatever a camper’s interest may be, we’ll find a place for them at camp.


For over twenty years, NYB’s youth camp program has been put on by the most dedicated archers in New York. These generous people who annually donate their time, want to see our great sport passed on to future generations where it will continue to grow and prosper for all to enjoy.


If you have an eligible youngster that is interested in attending, or simply want more information, please contact one of the individuals below. It is not necessary to live in the Region where you will be attending, but can chose the closest.


Region 3 - Camp Dates July 7 - 9

              Contact: Harry Walker (845) 794-6752 or


Region 4 - Camp Dates July 8 & 9

              Contact: Ed Gorch (518) 755-6263 or


Region 6 - Camp Dates July 21 - 23

              Contact: Bill Snyder (315) 415-0966 or


Region 7 - Camp Dates July 8 - 9

              Contact: Jeff Stewart (607) 849-6718 or


Region 8 - Camp Dates June 23 - 25

              Contact: Jody Ferrara (585) 746-5097 or